Editor: Henry Matthew Ward.
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About The Book

True Stories (and other lies)
Told at City Cafe

Nearly every town has a City Café. They are typically a "meat & three (vegetables)" genre of home-cooked fare, and considerably more casual than the deportment of other restaurants. To this extent, they frequently have a table or two that are called the community table. At these tables, anyone is welcome to join for a cup of coffee or a meal. Here, they will hear the town’s gossip, funny stories, jokes, the glad-handing of political hopefuls and the whoppers that justify their alias . . . the liars’ table. They are jovial a oasis where good-fellows meet as much to talk as to eat.

This book contains a collection of those conversations, humorous monologues, and sometimes touchingly true stories that the author (who might be more accurately titled compiler) has collected over his past 50 years of attendance at this seat of knowledge in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. All the story-tellers in it are real people that have indeed frequented the Café, and their names have not been changed to protect the innocent (or the guilty).

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